Data Valuation Standard of India (DVSI) is a developing concept introduced by Naavi.

Naavi is a thought leader and a pioneer in Cyber Laws and Data Protection in India. He was also a Merchant Banker from the Pre-SEBI days and was involved in Investment Banking activities. He ahs also been involved in marketing and brand building of Investment products and Companies for over a decade. Now combining his experience in these multiple domains, Naavi is introducing his innovative thoughts on Data Valuation

The whole world recognizes that “Data is valuable” in terms of money. Companies which use Data as their tool of business are able to create value out of data processed by them . Some of the companies process data and transfer it for consideration in different forms as a “Finished Good”. Some use data for increasing their productivity.

Though the concept of “Data is valuable” is universally accepted, the data community is yet to develop a proper method for valuing Data and showing it as part of its asset base. As a result, many times, Value is not properly recognized and some times companies investors are unable to distinguish between the value perception created around data through unethical advertising and the real intrinsic value of data. This needs to be corrected for the long term health of the investment market.

Towards this objective, DVSI tries to build a universally acceptable Data Valuation Standard so that there is a common understanding of computation of value for data across different stake holders.

This is an emerging field and Naavi considers that the thoughts presented here are only the triggers for other professionals to start thinking about this area of knowledge and contribute eventually to a universally acceptable “Standard”. Contributions of new thoughts from Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Asset Valuers, Insolvency Professionals, Financing Bankers, Tech Startups, Investment Bankers, Merger and Acquisition consultants are all welcome to add their thoughts to enable us develop the Data Valuation Standard of India together.

(PS: Naavi has been discussing Data Valuation for a long time and also added it as a part of the PDPSI framework for DTS evaluation under the proposed PDPA of India. Earlier discussions can be found at www.naavi.org)